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Power Frequency AC Resonant Test System For EHV CVT And CB Rutine Testing

Power Frequency AC Resonant Test System For EHV CVT And CB Rutine Testing

Power Frequency AC Resonant Test System For EHV CVT And CB Rutine Testing
Power Frequency AC Resonant Test System For EHV CVT And CB Rutine Testing Power Frequency AC Resonant Test System For EHV CVT And CB Rutine Testing

Large Image :  Power Frequency AC Resonant Test System For EHV CVT And CB Rutine Testing Get Best Price

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Fanke High-voltage
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: CHX-(L) Series
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: One unit
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Export Standard Wooden Case With Fumigation Free
Delivery Time: 65~90 work days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 2units/3months
Detailed Product Description
Usage: EHV CVT And CB Rutine Testing Test Item: AC Hipot Test And Partial Discharge Test
Test Voltage: No More Than 800KV Test Current: No More Than 5A
Test Frequency: 50Hz Or 60Hz PD Free: No More Than 10pC At 800KV
Duty Cycle: 30mints Or Made By Order Test Accuracy: No Less Than 1.0%
High Light:

resonant test set


high voltage testing of electrical equipments

Power Frequency AC Resonant Withstand Voltage Test Set , For EHV CVT and CB Rutine Testing
I. Product Description :
CHX-(L) series HV induction regulation series resonance test system is mainly used for power frequency voltage withstand test of HV voltage electrical equipment ,special for quality testing of science research and power equipment manufacturer.Compared with traditional power frequency test transformer system with the same specification, this kinds of test system needed power supply capacity for test system
is smaller, waveform distortion smaller, higher Q value, smaller size, wider range of test objects.


II. Appication object 

  • AC hipot routine test for GIS,CT ,circuit breaker,bushing,insulator,insulating tools,busbar  with voltage class no more than 500KV.
  • Can perform PD detecting test during voltage rise up when equipped with Partitial discharge tester.
  • AC hipot routine test for GIS, CT, breaker, casing pipe, insulators, insulation tools, bus and so on with voltage of above 110kV

III. Main Components:

  • Resonance Control console
  • Electric voltage regulator cabinet
  • Excitation transformer
  • Variable inductance reactors with modular type
  • Coupling voltage divider

IV. Key features

  • The test power source,capacitor,size and weight needed are just 10% that of conventional test transformers
  • High quality factor and test automation degree, complete protection function of over current,over voltage and flash-over
  • ldeal test waveform, little waveform distortion
  • Infinitely variable control induction used by reactor, complex resonance can be reached at any point of in testing range.
  • The reactor is equipped with reliable air gap limit switch and air gap indicator scale and sensor, inductance gap of iron core can be read directly on controlling panel.
  • The reactor returns to air gap initial position after test finished.
  • Phase sequence backup protection is installed in transmission gear which will prevent from damage.
  • PD free designing of the system, small quantity of partial discharging itself.

V. General Technical data:

  1. Mode of resonant circuit: Series resonant with variable inductance
  2. System model : made by order
  3. Input power supply : 380±10%(single-phase),50Hz/60Hz
  4. Rated output capacity: made by order
  5. Rated output Voltage:no more than 800KV
  6. Rated output current: made by order
  7. PD level itself: no more than 10pC 
  8. Reg. Freq range : 50/60Hz
  9. Output Resonance voltage waveform: pure sine wave
  10. THD of output waveform: ≤1%
  11. Insulation level: Under 1.1 times and keeping 1min, normal
  12. Duty cycle : 30mins on under rated current working condition ;
  13. Quality factor of test set itself: Q≥30 ;
  14. Temperature rise: Less than 65K under rated current working 30mints;
  15. Noise level: No more than 65dB
  16. Reactor Structure: oil-immersed with iron tank type ,adjustable inducatance 
VI. Technology Advantage 
  1. Reactive power full compensated, the power of the equipment and power is only less than 1/10 of measured equipment; with smaller volume and lighter compared with the equipment in same capacity.
  2. With large output capacity and small power capacity, low cost, easy to operate and keep safe.
  3. Typical current filter circuit, the output voltage distortion (THD) is very small
  4. The short circuit current after flashover or breakdown is only less than 1/10 (1/Q) of the measured current, can effectively prevent the damage to fault point after breakdown.
  5. Auto blowout the arc after flashover, it is a long and stable process to recover the serial resonant voltage, safe.

VII. Function 

  1. Remote control and indication function for the iron-core gap of reactor:The gap sensor is installed in the reactor, which directly reads the iron-core gap on the console to guide operation. The gap limiting switch and indicator are also installed.
  2. Auto step down function when withstanding time is up:Withstanding timing adopts digimatic timer. When withstanding time is up, the system will auto step down.
  3. Zero position close, zero start step up function:With zero limiting function. If the voltage regulator is not at zero position, then the HV output button cannot be closed, assuring the system step up from zero.
  4. Over current protection:The system is with over current relay, which is of high anti interference, fast action, protection test object against over-current damage.
  5. Over voltage and test object flash-over protection functions:This system takes electronic over voltage and flash-over protection board, protects test object against over voltage and flash-over. It is fast, stable and reliable, overcoming the instability, large discreteness and inconvenient adjustment of sphere-gap protection voltage. The setting of over voltage protection is manual adjustment, digital display, which is direct, convenient and accurate. The flash-over protection samples the accident variance of discharging signal falling delay, compares it with basic signal and determines. It is of high accuracy, avoiding possible mistake movement by accident variance of rising delay.
  6. Real-time monitor function for test data:It is able to monitor HV side voltage, current and LV side voltage, current, which is more direct viewing the test status.
  7. Digital display of circuit resonance and locking function when it is not of resonance and step up:
  8. It can directly display the resonance status of the system by power factor. If the system is not at the resonant point, it must press close button to step up. When the system is adjusted to resonance, release the close button, click on the step up/down button to step up or step down.
  9. Emergency stop :“Step on” emergency brake switch. Once there is abnormal conditions during test, step on this switch, the main power will be cut off right away to protect the safety of the testing personnel and the equipment.


  • Accessory box for storage accessoires
  • Connection cables of control console and Voltage regulator
  • Connection cables of voltage ragulator and exciting transformer
  • Output cables of exciting transformer
  • System grounding cables
  • Parallel cables of the reactor
  • HV output cables(reactor to divide,divider to test object)
  • HV measuring cables ( the signal output cables of voltage divider )
  • A final test report, a quality Certificate ,a user manual and a packing list are offered .

IX. Optional model 

Model Rated voltage Rated output current Rated output capacity Application for turbine generator or thermal power generator
CHX-L-1000KVA/500KV 500KV 2A 1000KVA For 145KV and below CB or CVT
CHX-L-1200KVA/600KV 600KV 2A 1200KVA For 252KV and below CB or CVT
CHX-L-4000KVA/800KV 800KV 5A 4000KVA For 500KV and below CB or CVT
Special requirement can be made by order


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