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PD Free AC Transformer Test Systems , HV Type High Potential Test Equipment

PD Free AC Transformer Test Systems , HV Type High Potential Test Equipment

PD Free AC Transformer Test Systems , HV Type High Potential Test Equipment
PD Free AC Transformer Test Systems , HV Type High Potential Test Equipment PD Free AC Transformer Test Systems , HV Type High Potential Test Equipment PD Free AC Transformer Test Systems , HV Type High Potential Test Equipment

Large Image :  PD Free AC Transformer Test Systems , HV Type High Potential Test Equipment Get Best Price

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Fanke High-Voltage
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: CQSB-500KVA/500KV
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: One unit
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Export standard wooden case with fumigation free
Delivery Time: 45~75 work days
Payment Terms: L/C , T/T
Supply Ability: 5units/2months
Detailed Product Description
Test Principle: Power Frequency Test Transformer Circuit Test Standard: IEC60060-1:2010
Max.capacity: 500KVA Max. Voltage: 500KV
Usage: AC Hipot Test In The Factory Quality Inspection For Power Transformers, Gas-insulated Switchgears, Bushings, Arresters And Insulation Materials Component:: Control Console,Voltage Regulator,Cylinder Type Test Transformer, Protection Resistance,And Voltage Divider
Test Frequency: 50Hz Or 60Hz Duty Cycle: 60mints Or Made By Order
Test Accuracy: No Less Than 1.0% Output Waveform: Pure Sine Wave
Design Feature: PD Free Design ,Pure Power Frequency Test, Cylinder Type Test Transformer, Easy Instllation
High Light:

ac hipot tester


high potential test equipment

PD Free AC Transformer Test Systems , PD Free HV Type Test Transformer Voltage Withstand System


I. Products Description and Application :


CQSB series PD free power frequency test transformer system is mainly used for power frequency voltage withstand for electrician products and insulation materials or insulation structure. It is also be used for PD free power frequency test power supply of testing objects such as transformer, mutual induction, arrester,etc. it is be used widely in electrician manufacturing department, power operation department, R&D institution and institution of higher learning.The voltage divider of the system has coupling terminal of PD signal , through equipped with 2 or 4 channels PD analyzer (optional), PD detecting for test object can be realized.


The model CQSB-500KVA/500KV has two stackable cylinder type Test Transformer in series connection to output 500KV test voltage and 1A test current. The duty cycle is 60mints on ,60mints off ,


Until now , this test set had formed many different serialized model according to different votage withstand test applications .The alike model can see other typical model at the following clause.



II. Main Components:

  • Power frequency intelligent measurement and control system or console type control cabinet,
  • Power supply switch cabinet,
  • Voltage regulator cabinet,
  • Testing transformer with iron tank type or cylinder type,
  • Compensating reactor,
  • Power frequency protective resistance,
  • Electronic rapid protective device
  • Coupling capacitive voltage divider.

For example  Model CQSB-500KVA/500KV

SN Name of Components Type and specification Qty. Each weight Each Dimension
1 Control console FKGB-500KVA 1piece 180kgs 1200*420*820mm
2 Electric voltage regulator cabinet DT-500KVA 1piece 2500kgs 1100*1050*1250mm
3.1 First stackable cylinder type Test Transformer CQSB-500KVA/250KV 1piece 3000kgs D1200*H2800mm
3.2 Second stackable cylinder type Test Transformer CQSB-250KVA/250KV 1piece 2400kgs D1200*H2500mm
4 Protection resistance BHR-1A/500KV 1pieces 120kgs D380*L850mm
5 Voltage divider with coupling capacitance TJF-500KV/500pF 1set 200kgs D320*H6000mm
6 Special test accessories        
Note : Special requirement can be made by order.



III. Applicable objects

  • Partial discharging and AC voltage withstand test for HV electrical engineering and apparatus, such as transformer, GIS, mutual inductor,switch,bushing,arrester,cables.
  • Power AC voltage withstand of insulation materials



IV. Technical features

  • Little magnitude of complete installation which can guarantee the magnitude within 5pC(except for special cases)
  • Expoxy resin poured shell,glass fiber convolved non corona high voltage insulation outer barrel
  • Low impedance of complete equipment, complete functions of over voltage,over current, arc protection with reliability
  • Dedicated mould processed for grading shield,aluminium molded, smooth surface,light weight, convenient for installation
  • The large capacity HV test device employs power frequency intelligent measurement and control system to ensure much higher intelligence and
  • automation of controlling and protection.
  • Sampling and using optical communication, thoroughly isolate high voltage and low voltage control loop.
  • Self-inspection and display of real-time status are available in the testing processing.
  • Perfect management function of data and report.
  • Being able to record and draw HV U/T,I/T testing curve



V. Test connection figure  (For example: model CQSB-500KVA/500KV):


PD Free AC Transformer Test Systems , HV Type High Potential Test Equipment 0
VI. Advantages

  1. Pure power frequency test at 50Hz or 60Hz, output voltage distortion (THD) is very small.
  2. Meet low partial discharge measurement requirements
  3. Modular structure for saving space in the test hall
  4. Low impedance, wide application range
  5. Easy to operate with computer controlled measurement system
  6. Complete protection circuit to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment
  7. Surge and transient protection sensitive electronic components
  8. Particularly suited for tests requiring stable voltage even if the load changes under voltage (corona, wet & pollution tests) or when the load is inductive (inductive voltage transformers).


VII. General Technical data:

  1. Mode of system test: PD Free AC Withstand Voltage Test Systems With Cylinder Type Transformer
  2. System model : CQSB-500KVA/500KV
  3. Input power supply : 380±10%(single-phase),50Hz/60Hz
  4. Rated output capacity: 500kVA
  5. Rated output Voltage:  500KV 
  6. Max Test voltage : no more than 500KV
  7. Rated output current: 1.0A
  8. Reg. Freq range : 50/60Hz
  9. Output  voltage waveform: pure sine wave
  10. Temperature rise: Less than 65K under rated current working 60mints;
  11. Noise level: No more than 65dB
  12. Structure: oil-immersed with cylinder type designed

VIII. Other optional components

  1.   Power supply noise filter
  2.   Triple and fifth filter
  3.   Compensating reactor
  4.   Over-voltage electronic fast protection device
  5.   SF6 standard capacitor·
  6.   Partial discharge detector

IX. Other Typical Model 


1.Single transformer type :



Rated capacity


LV input supply(KV) Rated output voltage(KV)

Cylinder transformer dimension

D× H(mm)

Weight (kg)
CQSB-1.5KVA/50KV 1.5 0.22 50 φ430*580 65
CQSB-2.5KVA/50KV 2.5 0.22 50 φ280*500 70
CQSB-3KVA/50KV 3 0.22 50 φ300*510 72
CQSB-5KVA/50KV 5 0.22 50 φ460*580 110
CQSB-5KVA/100KV 5 0.22 100 φ640*820 130
CQSB-10KVA/100KV 10 0.22 100 φ620*850 160
CQSB-50KVA/100KV 50 0.4 100 φ725*1100 500
CQSB-12KVA/120KV 12 0.38 120 φ750*1230 380
CQSB-15KVA/150KV 15 0.38 150 φ820*1220 500
CQSB-20KVA/200KV 20 0.38 200 φ1080*1700 900
CQSB-50KVA/250KV 50 0.38 250 φ1460*1520 1250
CQSB-75KVA/250KV 75 0.38 250 φ1460*1780 1450
CQSB-75KVA/500KV 75 0.38 500 φ2000*4850 6800
CQSB-100KVA/100KV 100 0.38 100 φ1000*1250 800
CQSB-100KVA/150KV 100 0.38 150 φ1410*1620 1700
CQSB-100KVA/250KV 100 0.6 250 φ1100*1450 1550
CQSB-125KVA/250KV 125 0.38 250 φ1540*2060 3460
CQSB-150KVA/150KV 150 0.6 150 φ1420*1620 2200
CQSB-2000KVA/500KV 2000 3 500 φ3000*4800 50000



























2.Stackable cylinder transformers type:



Rated capacity


LV input supply(KV) Rated output voltage(KV)

Cylinder transformer dimension

D× H(mm)

Weight (kg)
CQSB-10KVA/2*50KV 10 0.2 100 φ410*980 200
CQSB-25KVA/2*125KV 25 0.38 250 φ1250*2200 890
CQSB-100KVA/2*200KV 100 0.38 400 φ1580*3650 2500
CQSB-150KVA/2*150KV 150 0.38 300 φ1600*3200 3980
CQSB-300KVA/2*150KV 300 0.38 300 φ1600*3800 4280
CQSB-250KVA/2*250KV 250 0.38 500 φ2220*6100 11200
CQSB-500KVA/2*250KV 500 0.6 500 φ2030*4600 18500
CQSB-600KVA/2*300KV 600 3 600 φ3200*8000 19000
CQSB-1200KVA/2*300KV 1200 0.6 600 φ3000*6200 28900
CQSB-1250KVA/2*125KV 1250 3 250 φ4500*3200 14500
CQSB-300KVA/2*300KV 300 3 600 φ2610*5600 10000





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