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Highly Smart Power Transformer Testing Equipment Frequency Response Analyzer

Highly Smart Power Transformer Testing Equipment Frequency Response Analyzer

Highly Smart Power Transformer Testing Equipment Frequency Response Analyzer
Highly Smart Power Transformer Testing Equipment Frequency Response Analyzer

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Fanke High-Voltage
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: FK-2000
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: One unit
Price: Negotiable
Packaging Details: Export standard wooden case with fumigation free
Delivery Time: 10 work days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 10units/month
Detailed Product Description
Usage: Power Transformer Windings Deformation Testing Test Principle: Frequency Response Analyzing
Linear Scanning Distribution Scanning Measurement Range: 10Hz - 10MHz, 40000 Scanning Points Segment Frequency Scanning Measurement Distribution: 0.5kHz - 1MHz, 2000 Scanning Points
Amplitude Measurement Range: -120dB To +20 DB Amplitude Measurement Accuracy: 0.1dB
Scanning Frequency Accuracy: 0.01% Signal Input Impedance: 1MΩ
High Light:

distribution transformer testing equipment


transformer test system

Power Transformer Three Channel DC Resistance Tester ,Three Phase 10A Test Current Output


I. Products Description and Application 

FK-2000 Frequency Response Analyzer is applied for power transformer windings deformation analyzing.The analyzer is to determine the degree of changes in internal windings of the transformer. The frequency analyzing is based on the quantity of change, magnitude and region affecting change and tendency of frequency response change which are quantized from the response changes in different frequency domains of transformer’s internal winding parameters. The measured result can help you determine whether the transformer has been severely damaged and whether a major overhaul is needed. .



II. Products Key words

  • Transformer Winding Deformation Tester
  • Frequency Response Analyzer
  • FRA Tester
  • Frequency Response Analyzers for Power Transformers
  • SFRA Test Set for Power and Auto-Transformers



III. Features


1. Acquisition and control using high-speed, highly integrated microprocessor.
2. Communication USB interface used between a laptop and instrument.
3. Wireless Bluetooth interface (optional) used between the laptop computer and instrument.

4. Hardware adopts dedicated DDS digital high-speed scanning technology (USA), which can accurately diagnose the faults like winding distorted, bulged, shift, tilt, inter-turn short-circuit deformation and inter-phase contact short-circuit.
5. High-speed dual-channel 16-bit A/D sampling (in field test, move tap changer, and the wave curve shows obvious change) .
6. Signal output amplitude is adjusted by software, and the peak value of amplitude is ± 10V.
7. The computer will automatically analyze the test results and generate electronic documents (Word).

8. The instrument has dual measurement features: linear frequency scanning measurement and segment frequency scanning measurement, compatible with measurement mode of two technical groups in China.

9. The amplitude-frequency characteristics are in line with the national technical specifications on amplitude-frequency characteristics tester. X-coordinate (frequency) has linear indexing and logarithmic indexing, so you can print out the curve with linear indexing and logarithmic indexing. The user can choose either according to actual needs.
10. Automatic test data analysis system.
10.1 Compare between A, B, C -phases in winding similarity comparison, and
the analysis results are:
① excellent consistency
② good consistency
③ poor consistency
④ rather poor consistency

10.2 Compare winding deformation by calling the original data and comparing it with the current data of the same phase, namely A-A, B-B, C-C, and the analysis results are:
① normal winding
② mild deformation
③ moderate deformation
④ severely deformation

11. Word electronic document can be automatically generated for saving and printing.

12. The instrument can fully meet the technical requirements of electricity standard DL/T911-2004 "Transformer winding deformation frequency response analysis".



VI. Technical Parameters


1. Scan mode:

1.1. Linear scanning distribution scanning measurement range: (10Hz) - (10MHz) 40000 scanning points, resolution 0.25kHz, 0.5kHz and 1kHz

1.2. Segment frequency scanning measurement distribution: Frequency scanning measurement range: (0.5kHz) - (1MHz), 2000 scanning points ;

  • (0.5kHz) - (10kHz)
  • (10kHz) - (100kHz)
  • (100kHz) - (500kHz)
  • (500kHz) - (1000kHz)


2. Other technical parameter

2.1. Amplitude measurement range: (-120dB) to (+20 dB)
2.2. Amplitude measurement accuracy: 0.1dB
2.3. Scanning frequency accuracy: 0.01%
2.4. Signal input impedance: 1MΩ
2.5. Signal output impedance: 50Ω
2.6. Signal output amplitude: ± 20V
2.7. Test repetition percent: 99.9%
2.8. Measuring instruments dimensions (LxWxH) 300X340X120 (mm)
2.9. Instrument’s aluminum box size (LxWxH) 310X400X330 (mm)

2.10. Overall weight: 10kg




IV. Other advantages


1. Consist of the measurement part and analysis software.

The measurement part is controlled by high-speed micro-controller, composed of signal generation and signal measurement components. The measurement part is connected by a wireless Bluetooth interface to the tablet computers, requiring no wiring, easy to use, or by a USB interface to the tablet PCs or laptops.

2. In the test, only the connection bus bar of transformer needs to be removed, but the transformer cover needs not to be lifted and the transformer needs not to be dismantled.

3. The instrument has a linear frequency scanning measurement function for a variety of frequency, with the scanning frequencies up to 10MHz, at a scanning interval of 0.25kHz, 0.5kHz and 1kHz, to provide more analysis about the deformation of the transformer.
4. Highly smart, easy to use, with automatic range adjustment, automatic sampling frequency adjustment and other functions.

5. The software runs on the Windows platform, compatible with windows98/2000/winXP/Windows7 system, which provides the user with a more convenient and easy use of display interface.
6. It provides a comparative analysis of the historical curve, which can be loaded with multiple history curves for observation, among which you can select any specific curve for analysis.

7.Equipped with expert analysis and intelligent diagnostic system that can automatically diagnose the state of the transformer windings. It can automatically calculate parameters of each of the six curves simultaneously loaded to diagnose the winding deformation and give the diagnostic conclusions for reference.

8. The software has a power management function, and fully considers the needs of field use, saves environmental conditions parameters automatically so as to provide the basis for diagnosing transformer winding deformation. The measured data is automatically saved, with color printing capabilities to facilitate the user to print test report.

9. The software is obviously user-friendly, with most of its measurement conditions being optional, and transformers detailed parameters stored for diagnostic reference, and requiring no entry in the field. Information can be later added or modified, which is more convenient to use.

10. The software has a high degree of intelligence. After the input, the output signal is connected and the conditions parameters are set, you can do all the measurements, and can open at any time the historical waveform curve in the measurements to compare, observe and stop the measurement.

11. The time required for measuring each phase is less than 60 seconds. For a power transformer with high, medium and low windings (capacity, voltage levels are not limited), the winding deformation measurement only needs a total time not exceeding 10 minutes.

12. When measuring transformers, workers can lay the signal input and output leads freely, which has no influence on the measurement results. The workers can stay on the oil tank of the transformer, without getting down to reduce labor intensity.




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